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    Migraine Genius – Solve the pain you have, do more of what you love

    Welcome to Migraine Genius!  We’re a group of migraine sufferers, or migraine victims if you prefer, who are tired of the current status quo of migraine treatment.  Employers don’t believe you, and think you want to be lazy and lay around the house.  Doctors think you’re a junky seeking pain meds, or making it up for disability.

    When bosses and docs aren’t in the way, you’re still in constant doubt – will a headache hit you while you’re walking the dog, after you have your morning coffee (and caffeine), or after that chocolate cake while hosting a customer for dinner?  If it does hit you, will the migraine affect you today, or tomorrow, or the rest of the week?  And how can you stem the tide of pain and sensory deprivation?  Do you have enough headache remedies on-hand to quickly take care of the migraine symptoms?

    It’s a vicious cycle – and we want to break it.  With your help, Migraine Genius can help lead the charge.

    Learn About Migraine Basics

    Migraine Basics

    Ready to learn about the basics of migraines? What is a migraine? How do you know one is coming on? How can you stop it? What causes these headaches? Start here ...
    Learn About Migraine Basics
    Learn About Migraine Triggers

    Migraine Triggers

    Ready to learn about migraine triggers? What can cause a migraine to start? What causes migraines to build? Can eating certain foods start a migraine? Do stress or hormones affect intensity?
    Learn About Migraine Triggers
    Learn About Migraine Symptoms

    Migraine Symptoms

    How do you know a migraine is coming on? Want to know how to detect a migraine? What migraine symptoms can you detect to shut down a migraine from taking shape?
    Learn About Migraine Symptoms
    Learn About Migraine Treatments

    Migraine Treatments

    What can stop a migraine in its tracks? Is your only option to treat headaches after they start, or can you start with preventative measures? How can you stop migraines forever?
    Learn About Migraine Treatments

    Migraine Products, Apps, and Tools

    Experts review, discuss, and evaluate some of the many migraine and headache products on the market.


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